All You Need To Know About Felix

Ask the Assistant

What's it like to spend 10 hours a day with Felix?

His ability to sit back and see the whole picture at any given time allows his clients to feel comfortable when things look a little rough. His down to earth perspective is nothing short of refreshing in the ego driven universe of advertising and photography.

What would an apprenticeship with Felix be like?

An apprenticeship with Felix would be a decisive, direct, and successful venture as long as you are looking for consistently beautiful work and a rock solid foundation to back it up.

Is Felix a morning or afternoon person?

How much coffee is involved? But seriously, it seems like as long as photography is happening, Felix is a happy guy.

Wine connoisseur or more of a beer guy?

Both at once! Which is to say, Felix is sophisticated yet young at heart.

If Felix were stranded on a deserted island what one book, one album, and one appliance would he bring with him?

Book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Album: Something along the lines of Reggae Revival 1960'. Appliance: Definitely the espresso machine.