All You Need To Know About Felix

Ask the Client

What is a typical day like on set with Felix?

A typical on set is always a pleasantly untypical day. Felix is an exceptionally talented photographer with a great understanding of light, colour, form, composition, and concept. His natural ability to work closely with the client to find the best solution makes it a satisfying process. Plus, he makes really good espresso.

If Felix was a car ‐ what model would he be?

A Saab, sedan, two-door. Felix has the ability to be fast and agile, but also elegant and beautiful. Though unlike a Saab, he was never an aircraft in a former life.

What is Felix's greatest strength as a photographer?

His experience, curiosity, and ability to understand client expectations. He approaches every project with the perfect balance of creative playfulness and perfect professionalism.

If Felix was a movie star what type of role would he play?

Swashbuckling, debonaire adventurer.

What is the greatest benefit of working with Felix?

The number of times I get asked who my photographer is! But really, the greatest benefit is the assurance that my deadlines will be met and that I will always be more than happy with the results.