All You Need To Know About Felix

Ask the Stranger

What line of work do you think Felix is in?

Engineering, fashion, or the visual arts - any of those seem to suit him.

What is his most distinguishing feature?

His most distinguishing feature is his outgoing personality. He looks like an approachable guy; he has a warmth about him that's apparent upon entering a room that he's in.

What type of car would he drive?

Something outdoorsy, like a Jeep. But at the same time, maybe something sleek and elegant, like a Jaguar.

Does it surprise you that he's a photographer?

Nope! I thought it would have to be a career where making people comfortable is important. Even though I hardly know him, you can tell he's able to put people at ease.

Have you ever had your photo taken professionally?

I've done some modelling, and generally photographers have been quite approachable and polite. Maybe I should give Felix a call!